Movement of Shells, Movement of Time – WestConnex St Peters Interchange

Passer-by’s of WestConnex M4-M5 will be greeted by a 300-metre-long awe-inspiring Indigenous perforated facade masterpiece, honouring and showcasing the history and creativity of shell-making tradition that is unique to the area’s traditional custodians. Arcadia brought this to life using the Muse® Perforated Facade system working in close collaboration with Conybeare Morrison, Acciona Samsung Bouygues Joint Venture & Culture Capital design and Indigenous artists, Marilyn Russell and her mother Aunty Esme Timbery.


The project required the integration of the inspirational Indigenous artwork throughout a feature facade above the new M5 Tunnel Entry at St. Peters Interchange Sydney NSW. The design was to articulate the imagery using a perforated pattern which Arcadia’s Muse® Facade system is able to do through customised construction of hole layouts, panel colours and a custom range of angles giving the Facade depth.

See how this complex Facade piece was brought to life seamlessly through Arcadia’s Connect, Collaborate, Construct journey.


From the artists hand sketches our Design Team were able to work with Conybeare Morrison to develop the initial sketch into a full 3D model with precision and clarity. Each panel given an ID number and individual reference to ensure colour and pattern were achieved.

3D Modelling & Development



Through a collaborative process a range of design and value management smarts were developed to provide an outcome that met intent as well as budget. The collaboration process is critical and requires positive, out-of-the-box and smart thinking built over years of experience through fostering an environment where teams are encouraged to challenge the status-quo and workshop different ideas to achieve amazing outcomes!

Sample Manufacture & Onsite Prototyping

Rigorous Engineering & Compliance (Wind tunnel testing)



Once the Connect and Collaborate Phase have been closed out our Team of Engineers, Designers and Project Managers get to work on planning and executing the manufacture and installation process – the Construct Phase of the journey. Our team work to agree with construction teams on key milestones, client deliverables and safety and methodology approaches. With in-house manufacture and control over the installation our team are able to provide certainty of delivery and painlessly meet timelines and milestones, bringing the project to life in final stages.


“My name is Thomas Petit and I am the Project Manager for the WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnels project. The St Peters Interchange Facade which is over 3,000m2 was an important architectural statement incorporating indigenous artwork, customised patterns and customised colours which was a complex piece of the project. We needed to have certainty that the imagery, engineering, and delivery of this was well executed. ASBJV (Acciona Bouygues Samsung JV) worked closely with Arcadia through the various stages of the project and Arcadia brought a wealth of experience, certainty, and value throughout the process. I found them to be a well-structured and well-resourced organisation who were able to understand the design brief and then deliver on it reliably.

Arcadia carried out the Design, Structural/Facade engineering, Wind tunnel testing, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of their scope of works. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Arcadia to others in the industry looking to partner for packages of similar nature.” – Thomas Petit


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